Friday, September 11, 2009

he had me at hello.

I want to start this post by saying that I believe in fairytales and happily eversafters. I believe in one true love, and that my prince charming is out there. With that being said, I have been seeing my significant other for 3 years now. I know, who says “significant other”, but that is what he is. We came to the agreement that what we have is bigger than any label.

We met three years ago at a wine tasting. Well it was more of a wine party with cheap boxes of wine. Anyways, I wasn’t going to go to the gathering, I was getting over a breakup and was in no mood to party. My then good friend J persuaded me to go, and honestly I look back on that moment and think it was the greatest thing she’s ever done for me.

So we are walking up the stairs to get to the party, and I looked back at J. I was so nervous; I was only 18 at the time and was sure that I wouldn’t know anyone there. I was just certain that I was going to walk into a room full of corporate snobs. But being the fearless girl I am, I sashayed into the party like I owned the place. As I walked through the crowd I locked eyes with a unique looking gentleman. I don’t mean unique as in ugly, but different. A good different, a refreshing different.

Well just as I began to melt in his eyes, he looked away. I took it as him being uninterested, so I continued to walk away. After one glass of wine I was more than ready to go, but J insisted we stayed. I didn’t know it then, but she has ulterior motives (that’s another story for another day). I became more and more annoyed as random weirdoes came up to me with their cheesy pick up lines. Just when I couldn’t take it anymore, my night in shiny armor came to my rescue.

He said hello and then grabbed my arm and asked if we could go somewhere quit and talk. I was skeptical at first, but it was better than the alternative. We ended up talking for hours and had the deepest connection. Before we knew it, it was almost 3 in the morning and there were only 3 other people left at the party. We exchanged numbers and I couldn’t stop thinking about him. First thing that next morning, against my better judgment, I texted him” good morning” and the rest is history….

The boy recently asked me what was it about him that made me text him that next morning. Simply put, he had me at hello. I'm not sure if he is my prince charming or not, but I'm certain that what we have is what dreams become.

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